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About us

About Us!

The NGO Nest Berlin e.V. is a young umbrella organisation for promoting transnational youth mobility. Our organisation is understanding itself as a hub, helping other network partners to help young people to gain skills such as leadership, project management, NGO work, application writing and fundraising. Co-Founded by 4 leading NGO’s in the field of: Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO),  The Comparative Research Network (CRN),  InterCultural-Youth-Dialogue-Assocication (IYDA) and  Mitosis Coworking Space.
Thanks to our parter network with organisations from Germany, Italy and Egypt we offer youth mobilities in Europe and beyond. As sending organisation we can offer short-term to long-term stay at NGOs abroad, as a receiving organisation we offer work on various projects in the creative capital of Europe.

Today the NGO’s ambitions find NEST involved as partner in more than 10 Erasmus+ KA2 VET, Adult and Sport projects and as coordinator in 3 big projects addressing e.g. migrants, employability, inclusion, gender equality.

  1. KA2 Adults DISACT
  2. KA2 VET Migrant In Fashion
  3. Big Sport Collaborative Partnership RINMSASFT

NEST was initiated in 2016 by expert professionals active in the sectors / fields of NGO, Social Innovation, European project management, European mobility, Networking and Non-Formal Education (NFE) methodologies, and embodies today in its Berlin hub 4 staff members and 4 team members with professional competences / experiences in above mentioned domains. As a NEST is non-profit oriented, it performs crucial parts of its activity’s also on a voluntary bases. At the ‘TUECHTIG room for inclusion’ NEST’s has its office space, amidst other pioneers, freelancers and employees (with and without disabilities) of all ages and backgrounds.


The ‘TUECHTIG room for inclusion’ is a working / meeting place for everyone who appreciate an inclusive working environment and want to advance their projects jointly or independently, who enjoy diversity and exchange and who are looking for a knowledge and work community that is unique in Berlin.

NEST is a member organization in MV International (MVI), an international NGO network comprising 37 European member organizations, and 6 associate organizations from Africa, Latin America and Asia, as well a founding member of Alliance For Global Development AGD based in University of applied Sciences in Bonn.


The organisation aims at human, social and socioeconomic development of people.

NEST is actively involved in scientific and field research thanks to the field of expertise of the board members such as community building development, intercultural dialogue, education through Sport and migration. NEST works internationally in cross-cultural projects by interpreting the local reality in Berlin.

Nest is performing education through sport as an holistic tool of research by implementing international projects within the frame of Erasmus Plus Sport Chapter.

NEST pays attention to valorize and spreading of the potential of NFE methods – as a crucial pathway towards a more impacting and inclusive education functional to professional / personal growth, societal impact and peculiarities of NGO actors.

The application of NFE methods deliver and obtain simultaneously joint elaboration and implementation of educational programmes, involve different targets and fosters a pan-European reach in project design, establishment of thematic networks and offering of mobility opportunities.


NEST creates and deploys a multilayered set of educational activities, with a focus on strengthening skills and capacities, such as leadership, project management, NGO account, application writing and fundraising.

Non-Formal Education trainer-ship, networking, communication (online as well as offline).

As sending organisation NEST offers short-term to long-term stays and mobilities at NGOs around Europe, as a receiving organisation NEST offers engagement in various projects in the creative capital of Germanyand/or at its founding partners from Germany, Italy and Egypt.

With NFE activities frequently based on private initiatives by NGOs. NEST promotes advancement of NFE methods and establishes synergies among formal, non-formal and informal educational methodologies and environments.



President at NGO Nest Berlin & Vice Director at CRN

Board & Managing Director at NGO NEST, EMEA Project Manager and Intercultural facilitator for NEST & Head of Chapter NGO NEST-Bonn

Board & European Project Director at NGO Nest Berlin – Founder and Director at MVNGO and MVI – Marketing Expert

Board & European Project Director at NGO Nest Berlin – Founder and Director at MVNGO and MVI – Marketing Expert

European Project Manager, Berlin Office Manager

European Project Manager

European Project Manager at NGO Nest Berlin

European Project Manager at NGO Nest Berlin

Senior EU Project Designer and Manager, Consultant

European Project Manager at NGO Nest Berlin

European Project Manager EYE- Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs